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Request a visitation

If you desire a visit from our minister, contact her directly by phone (613-392-2146) or email at . She will contact you to arrange a convenient time and meet with you to discuss your needs.

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Find you

Consecon Pastoral Charge is a two-point rural charge.  The two churches – Carrying Place and Consecon United Churches – are located 8 kilometres apart on the western side of Prince Edward County.  (click here for a map) Currently; the pastoral charge is holding services in only one location each Sunday, at 10:00 AM. This is a continuation of the usual summer schedule.
January: Consecon   February: Carrying Place
March: Consecon   April: Carrying Place
May: Consecon   June: Carrying Place
July: Consecon   August: Carrying Place
September: Consecon   October: Carrying Place
November: Consecon  

December: Services will be held at both locations as both congregations have special services and events planned. Carrying Place at 9:30 and Consecon at 11:00. This means on the odd numbered months services are in Consecon, and on even numbered months at Carrying Place, with the exception of December when services are held at both locations.

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Become a member

Perhaps you have been worshiping with us for a time and desire to formalize your relationship with the congregation. It is not difficult, start with a chat with Reverend Sue. If you are a member elsewhere, she can initate a request for transfer. If not she can guide you in the process of becoming a member by Profession of Faith. This can be done for younger folk as well, through the process of Confirmation.

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Arrange a wedding

Again, contact our minister directly to arrange for your special day. She will discuss and help you plan the service, as well as meet with you two or three times beforehand for the customary premarital counselling sessions

There are costs associated with using the church and the services of the minister for your wedding. (click here for list of these charges)

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Arrange a Funeral

Normally, arrangements for funerals or memorial services are handled through funeral homes, but there is no reason a family cannot directly engage clergy to officiate at the service. Again, contact our minister directly to arrange for your special needs. In any case, no matter how she is engaged, she will assist in planning to make the service for your loved one special and meaningful as you say your farewells. There is no charge for the use of the church for a funeral but if you wish to use the hall for a reception, or require special additional services where costs are involved, then we must charge. (click here for list of these charges)

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Arrange for a baptism

Baptisms are always very special times, when we typically welcome a new little one into God's Family. Baptism, as a sacrament, requires certain steps be followed ahead of time, but again, the best person to talk to and guide you is our minister, Reverend Sue.

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Rent a hall

Consecon United Church: Receptions and community events are often held in the hall which is equiped with a very serviceable kitchen, and the United Church Women can provide catering services if desired. For availability and costs contact Heather at 613-394-6775. (click to see the interior of the hall)

Carrying Place United Church: Suitable for meetings and small receptions; contact Janet at 613-392-7525 or by email at for availability. (click to see the interior of the hall)

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